Paul Wall & Chamillionaire: Reunited and it feels so good!


If you’ve lived in Houston for at least the past 5 years you should be very familiar with the former rap duo of Paul Wall & Chamillionaire.  Their debut album Get Ya Mind Correct dropped in 2002 and was an instant hit.  Wikipedia says it moved 150k units.  To put things in perspective (other than changes in the music industry) Slim Thug’s latest album Boss of all Bosses, probably hasn’t even hit 150k.  But that’s besides the point…

After setting aside years of beef, the two kicked off their “In Love With My Money Tour” at SXSW.  Though both scored individual success with songs such as “Ridin’ Dirty” and “Sittin Sideways”, most will argue they were at their best when they recorded together….and they’re probably right.  For example (citing one of Cabby’s favorite lines) Paul went from:

Broke up with my foreign car and fell in love with a Cadillac/The Ringling Brothers inquired to how my trunk turn tricks like and acrobat


Fresher than a fruit bowl, leanin’ like a gas gauge/Straight up off the down streets, stylin’ like hair braids.

Paul Wall isn’t the best rapper by any stretch of the imagination but he seemed to get worse as time passed.  Chamillionaire stayed clever with his lines, but his delivery got so mundane it was almost painful to listen to him.  After Ridin’ Dirty almost all his songs sounded similar.  Case in point: The Bill Collecta feat. Krayzie Bone (yes, from Ridin Dirty).  Both produced by Play-N-Skillz.  I guess it makes sense to copy a proven formula but the song was wack.

Little known track Diamonds Exposed featured the two after all the beef and was solid effort, but left those who actually knew about the song wanting more.  The “In Love With My Money Tour” is the answer to that as well as the answer to many fans prayers that the two get back together.  Be sure to check out two (post-beef) MUST-READ interviews from COMPLEX and SLAM.  Who woulda thought their favorite team is the Lakers?!


COMPLEX  – Paul & Cham Beyond the Beef

SLAM – Cham & Paul talk B-ball

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